The Wedding Present released 4 Chansons EP, a 4-track coloured vinyl 10" [with a free download code for all four tracks] on 21 April 2012.

What started as a little idea for a Record Store Day EP became a reality... via Paris and Los Angeles. David Gedge likes to give himself a challenge, so for Record Store Day 2012 he decided to release an EP… of not just four songs, but of four songs sung in French. Why not? A 'Twitter' campaign was launched to find a translator and Marie Causse, who also translates television shows like ‘The Family Guy’ for French TV was happy to help.

The songs [recorded in the same session as the recently released album Valentina] would sound magnificent in any language. ‘Deer Caught In Headlights’ sounds fantastic on vinyl… the up-tempo tale of an obsessive in love is a classic five-minute Wedding Present track that leaves you wanting more. A vignette gives you a slight breather before ‘End Credits’ pounds in with its heart beating double drummer rhythm… this time about the end of a love affair. ‘Metal Men’ is the surprise on the disc with a danceable beat and is about as perfect as a punk-pop song can be! ‘Mystery Date’ brings up the rear as it twinkles and lilts… tricking you into thinking that it’s going to be the soft story of the very beginnings of love… but then absolutely thunders in with a cacophony of tempo changes and soaring guitars… leaving you gasping for breath as a Japanese voice-over trails on…