On 8 September 2014, Scopitones released a new double album by Cinerama, David Gedge’s ‘other’ band.

‘Seven Wonders Of The World’ comes as a 24-track double CD and 18-track double LP that compiles EPs, obscurities, songs in German & French and a cover of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. The album is partly recorded by Steve Albini and is complete with sleeve notes by Cinerama’s former bass player, Terry de Castro.

Cinerama have released three studio albums and three compilations, of which Seven Wonders Of The World is the third. This new release primarily compiles Cinerama’s 8th., 9th., 10th., 11th. and 12th. singles but the CD version also features a bonus stripped down acoustic session that Cinerama recorded for the KRTU radio station in San Antonio, Texas in 2009.

Gedge used Cinerama to explore a different musical territory to The Wedding Present and often cited John Barry and Ennio Morricone amongst his influences. Although this gave the band a ‘big screen’ filmic feel Cinerama also often incorporated classic pop as well as surf music into their sound.

Some of the singles on Seven Wonders Of The World were taken from Cinerama’s 2002 album, Torino, which was described by Uncut Magazine thus : “Cinerama are escaping the shadow of Gedge’s illustrious indie-legend past. Torino is a giant beast of adulterous lyrical fantasies, cult soundtrack flourishes and the screams of Steve Albini-engineered guitars”.

TRACKLISTING : Health And Efficiency / Swim / Diamonds Are Forever / Health And Efficiency [Version Francaise] / Lollobrigida [Version Francaise] / Quick, Before It Melts [Single Version] / Ears [Acoustic Version] / As If / Careless / This Isn't What It Looks Like / Sparkle Lipstick / Don't Touch That Dial / The One That Got Away / On - Off / It's Not You, It's Me / Erinner Dich / I Wake Up Screaming / Unzip [Live, At The Edge Of The Sea]

BONUS TRACKS [CD Only] : Your Charms [Acoustic Version] / Get Smart [Acoustic Version] / Honey Rider [Acoustic Version] / Kerry Kerry [Acoustic Version] / King's Cross [Acoustic Version] / Quick, Before It Melts [Acoustic Version]

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