On 21 February 2020, Hatch Records released the fourth in their series of compilations of BBC radio sessions by The Wedding Present.

‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 4’ consists of two studio sessions from 2017 & 2018 and follows, rather unsurprisingly, ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volumes 1, 2 & 3’.

The Wedding Present are a band with a history that’s inextricably intertwined with the BBC and, in particular, the late DJ John Peel, an early champion of the band. An avid Wedding Present fan himself, Marc Riley, with his team of producers, has formed a close bond with David Gedge and the band. He says: “The release of these Wedding Present sessions recorded for our 6 Music programme over the years is something of an honour. In the great tradition of the Peel / Selwood releases on the Strange Fruit label, this record proves that, even without John, the BBC can still be a place where great bands can continue to grow and be creative... amongst friends.”

The first four tracks on the album were recorded with a string quartet and trumpeter and include a remarkable re-imagining of ‘Bewitched’, originally from the band’s 1989 album Bizarro. This new version will be available as an ‘instant gratification’ track for any digital orders of the album.

David Gedge says: “For the vast majority of sessions for BBC radio that we’ve committed to tape over the years, The Wedding Present band has consisted of vocals, guitars, bass and drums. It’s that classic Rock ’n’ Roll line-up, I guess. However, when I started recording tracks for Peel in the late 1990s with Cinerama, all manner of extra musicians were added, including pianists, string players, a flautist and a trumpeter. The advantage with this is that, understandably, you end up with a huge sound and the opportunity to experiment with multi-faceted arrangements. The disadvantage? Well, you are only allocated the same amount of time to set up, sound-check and record, so everything has to be done at triple the speed!

“For The Wedding Present’s ninth Marc Riley session we decided to include a couple of songs from the recently released 'Going, Going...' album. This LP features additional orchestration and so we thought it would be exciting to revisit an augmented, Cinerama-style, set-up in order to play live at the BBC’s historic Maida Vale studios. But one of the songs we recorded on that day predates 'Going, Going...' by nearly three decades. ‘Bewitched’ has always had a symphonic feel to it and we thought it would also benefit from an orchestral lick of paint.

“Ironically, for the other session on this LP, we were stripped down to our most basic again to thunder through punky tunes like ‘Felicity’, ‘Getting Nowhere Fast’ and - the song that announced The Wedding Present to the world - ‘Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy!’ This new version of that song from our debut release is followed here by renditions of songs on our most recent single; such is the time-contracting effect of a Wedding Present Marc Riley session!

“That fact we’ve managed to record these very different kinds of sessions over the years is a testament to the skills of the BBC producers and engineers.”

‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 4’ Track listing:

Scotland / Fifty-Six / Fordland / Bewitched / Go Out And Get ’Em, Boy! / Panama / Getting Nowhere Fast / Felicity / Jump In, The Water’s Fine

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 4’ on vinyl by clicking here.

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 4’ on CD by clicking here.

Previously, on Hatch Records...

‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 3’ Track listing:

Ten Sleep / Broken Bow / You Only Live Twice / 1000 Fahrenheit / Rachel / Bear / Jumper Clown / Kill Devil Hills / Santa Monica

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 3’ on vinyl by clicking here.

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 3’ on CD by clicking here.

‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 2’ Track listing:

Back A Bit… Stop! / Heather / You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends / The Girl From The DDR / Flying Saucer / Two Bridges / Pleasant Valley Sunday / Montreal / It’s A Gas / Spangle / Birdsnest / Little Silver

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 2’ by clicking here.

‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 1’ Track listing:

Don’t Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk / Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft / Something And Nothing / Palisades / The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend / Gone / You Jane / Mystery Date / Brassneck / The Theme From Cheers / Heather

You can purchase ‘Marc Riley Sessions : Volume 1’ by clicking here.


“The Wedding Present are tailor-made for the no-thrills demands of the venerable radio session; the urgency of live performance brings out the best in their scratchy angst.” - Uncut

“These are terrific tunes that show the strength of David Gedge’s writing; plaintive and heartfelt, ruminating on doomed relationships and unfulfilled yearnings.” - Record Collector

“Great compilation of the radio sessions of Leeds’ finest” - Louder Than War

"Album of the Day’"- BBC Radio 6 Music