A new feature documentary from KneejerkFilm: "Something Left Behind" will tell the story of The Wedding Present's much-heralded 1987 debut album, George Best.

Directed by Andrew Jezard this documentary will explore the 30 year lifespan of a record that has come to define youth in the minds of so many for whom those days are long since past.

Since attending the 20th anniversary George Best tour this documentary has been in the mind of the director. The imminent 30th anniversary tour and the statement from the band that this will be the last ever time that George Best is performed live provided the perfect opportunity to finally tell this story.

Andrew says: 'At the ULU gig in 2007 that featured the album in full I was amazed by the fan-base who very clearly had been there the first time round in 1987 and, seemingly for one night only, were transported back to their youth. The album itself with its everyday, extremely relatable lyrics about the breakdown of a relationship make it almost impossible to listen to without allowing feelings of loss, regret or nostalgia to creep in. With the passing of time it seems to serve as a direct link to a part of people that has maybe gone but certainly not been forgotten during the intervening years and I now include myself among those compelled by it in this way.'

Something Left Behind is scheduled for release in October 2017 to coincide with the 30 year anniversary of the original LP, which was released in the UK on October 12th 1987.

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