In April 2016, The Wedding Present’s classic Hit Parade series of 7" singles was re-released as a 10” vinyl box set by British label Vinyl180 Records. This collection, which comprises four lovingly packaged discs, features all the songs from the original singles plus  sleeve notes by actor and Wedding Present fan Nick Frost.

The project has been overseen by David Gedge, who personally approved the re-mastering of the following track list : Blue Eyes / Go Go Dancer / Three / Silver Shorts / Come Play With Me / California / Cattle And Cane / Don't Cry No Tears / Think That It Might / Falling / Pleasant Valley Sunday / Let's Make Some Plans / Flying Saucer / Boing! / Loveslave / Sticky / The Queen Of Outer Space / No Christmas / Rocket / Theme From Shaft / Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family / Go Wild In The Country / U.F.O. / Step Into Christmas

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