‘The Single That Never Was’

On Saturday 13 April, Hatch Records of Leeds released a new Wedding Present Ukrainian style 7” single for Record Store Day 2019.

When The Wedding Present signed to RCA Records in December 1988 they set about persuading their new label to release ‘Ukrainski Vistupi V Johna Peela’ - a compilation of sessions of Ukrainian folk music that the band had recorded for John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in 1987 and 1988.

RCA, to their credit, agreed to releasing this rather unconventional major record label debut but also noticed that one of the tunes, ‘Davni Chasy’, was the same song that had been adapted for Mary Hopkin for her No. 1 single ‘Those Were The Days’ in 1968.

Sniffing a hit, RCA suggested that ‘Davni Chasy’ be released as a Wedding Present 7”... but the band declined. Until now! Thirty years later, Hatch Records have re-licensed the track from the BBC and, with re-mastered audio and new artwork by Jonathan Hitchen [designer of the original 1989 ‘Ukrainski Vistupi’ LP sleeve], have released it as their first foray into the wonderful world of Record Store Day.

Track-listing : ‘Davni Chasy’ c/w ‘Katrusya’

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