Various Artists : ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’

The Wedding Present : ‘Shaun Keaveny Session’

Two singles - both released on Record Store Days 2020!

The first single, ‘xx!!’ [or, to give it its full title, ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – a tribute to the James Bond themes of Dame Shirley Bassey’] was released by Where It’s At Is Where You Are Records on 29 August 2020.

On this double ‘0’ 7” single [pressed on translucent red and blue vinyl] four artists interpret the four themes that Bassey recorded between 1964 and 1979.

David Gedge teams up with Sleeper on the unused Thunderball theme, ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’. The Left Outsides provide an atmospheric, pastoral, psychedelic take on ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. Darren Hayman [Hefner] re-imagines ‘Goldfinger’ with his own chorus of Bond girls. Last but not least, DJ Downfall and Theoretical Girl's icy cool synth-pop ‘Moonraker' will please fans of Ladytron, Black Box Recorder and the Flying Lizards.

Of his contribution, David Gedge says, “Last year The Wedding Present had a line-up change and our guitarist is now Jon Stewart, who is also in the band Sleeper, of whom I’m a big fan. When John Jervis from WIAIWYA asked me if I wanted to cover ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ for his new James Bond project I mentioned it to Jon. I’m a sucker for any John Barry theme, anyway, so I was never going to say no to this idea, but I was especially delighted when Jon rounded up the rest of Sleeper for the recording! This track will also feature on a Bond themes compilation album on which I’m currently working together with Tony from Come Play With Me Records and a host of other current and former associates of Cinerama and The Wedding Present.”

The second single is a special instalment in The Wedding Present’s on-going series of BBC session releases and follows the recent issue of the band’s 'Marc Riley Sessions Volume 4' album.

‘Shaun Keaveny Session’, which was released by Hatch Records on 26 September 2020, is pressed on pale blue coloured vinyl and features three tracks recorded for Shaun Keaveny’s BBC Radio 6 Music show on 5 August 2019.

Shaun is a long-term fan of The Wedding Present and, in his sleeve notes for the band’s 'Marc Riley Sessions Volume 3' album, wrote, “I fell hard and fast for The Wedding Present in 1988. Hard and fast, just like their music was back then! 'George Best' was riding high in the indie charts and, with their follow-up major label debut, 'Bizarro', they looked like they might actually ‘go mainstream.’ But they didn’t and, I have to say, I’m glad.”

Track listings:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - by Sleeper featuring David Gedge
Diamonds Are Forever - by The Left Outsides
Goldfinger - by Darren Hayman
Moonraker - by DJ Downfall featuring Theoretical Girl

Shaun Keaveny Session

Don’t Ask Me

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