Going, Going…

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‘Going, Going…’ is the title of the ninth Wedding Present studio album. It was released by Scopitones on 2 September 2016.

Here’s a section of the album review by ‘Louder Than War’.

“With their new, extensive, album The Wedding Present have not only matched their previous releases in quality and experimentation but surpassed them. ‘Going, Going…’ is full of left turns, sudden bursts of feedback-drenched guitars and luscious soundscapes. It is schizophrenic and unsettling yet full of beauty and melancholy. A hard album to grasp since it is constantly going through gear changes, ‘Going, Going…’ is the sound of a band throwing everything they have into the mix to create a work that is at once familiar yet progressive, homely and disturbing. A remarkable album.”

You can read the entire review by clicking here.

The full 20-track track-listing for ‘Going, Going...’ is...

Kittery / Greenland / Marblehead / Sprague / Two Bridges / Little Silver / Bear / Secretary / Birdsnest / Kill Devil Hills / Bells / Fifty-Six / Fordland / Emporia / Broken Bow / Lead / Ten Sleep / Wales / Rachel / Santa Monica

David Gedge recently discussed ‘Going, Going...’ with The Mouth magazine for their podcast series, ‘Mouthcast’. To hear the conversation and also six tracks from the album please click here.

As we’ve come to expect over the years... a Wedding Present album isn’t always a straight-forward release and ‘Going, Going…’ is no different. This one is actually a collection of 'linked' tracks, each with a beautiful accompanying film. Given the nature of this unique project, the release comes in three audio-visual formats. Over to David Gedge...

“I decided that I didn’t want to make just ‘another album’ and so I came up with the idea of the twenty connected pieces of music. In the summer of 2014 I travelled across the USA with photographer Jessica McMillan and we made some atmospheric short films to accompany the music. Since then it’s been a case of progressing through the tracks, trying all sorts of ideas, seeing how they work set against the visuals…”

Here’s a breakdown of those audio-visual formats...

1 : ‘Standard’ CD + DVD ~ click here to purchase

2 : ‘Deluxe’ CD + DVD [contains a bonus 8-track CD featuring acoustic, session and live versions of songs from the album in a hard bound ‘book pack’ along with the DVD and lyrics] ~ click here to purchase

Bonus tracks : Bells [Piano Version] / Broken Bow [Acoustic Version] / Rachel [Acoustic Version] / Little Silver [Piano Quintet Version] / Ten Sleep [Live In Session For Lucid Shade] / Broken Bow [Live In Session For Lucid Shade] / Two Bridges [Live In Gijón/Xixón] / Birdsnest [Live In Paris]

3 : Double LP + DVD [comes in heavyweight vinyl and also includes the album on CD. Also contained in this format is a 7” single with four acoustic versions of songs from the album plus the DVD and lyrics] ~ click here to purchase

Bonus tracks [on the 7”] : Bells [Piano Version] / Broken Bow [Acoustic Version] / Rachel [Acoustic Version] / Little Silver [Piano Quintet Version]

All DVDs are region-free and compatible with PAL and NTSC players.