Forthcoming Concerts

Forthcoming live concerts featuring The Wedding Present and Cinerama are listed below. If a word is in red you can click on it to see more details.

With any concert dates there can always be last minute changes, so please check with the venue before making travel arrangements. Please also check for event start times to avoid missing the beginning of performances.

For details of past concerts please click here.

All the concerts that had been planned for 2020 have either been postponed or cancelled due to public health concerns.

In particular, with respect to the three Wedding Present 2020 'mini-tours':

The June mini-tour [Galashiels, Bury & Halifax] was firstly moved to September 2020 and then to June 2021.

The July mini-tour [Tunbridge Wells & Sunderland] has been moved to July 2021. The Barnsley & Matlock shows have been cancelled but Holmfirth has been added to the new tour.

The September mini-tour [Southend & Bingley] has been moved to August 2021.

AT THE EDGE OF THE SEA XII has been postponed until August 2021. For more details of At The Edge Of The Sea please click here.

All tickets remain valid for re-scheduled dates.



15/05/21 : Lugo, Galicia, E - Fa Ce La Fest

30/05/21 : Wolverhampton, UK - West Park for the Creation Day festival

24/06/21 : Galashiels, UK - MacArts Theatre [moved here from 25/06/20 and then from 16/09/20]

25/06/21 : Bury, UK - Met [moved here from 27/06/20 and then from 17/09/20]

26/06/21 : Halifax, UK - Piece Hall (supporting Shed Seven and The Pigeon Detectives) [moved here from 26/06/20 and then from 19/09]

01/07/21 : Tunbridge Wells, UK - Forum [moved here from 09/07/20] SOLD OUT

02/07/21 : Holmfirth, UK - Picturedrome

03/07/21 : Sunderland, UK - Herrington Country Park for the Kubix festival [moved here from 11/07/20]

05/08/21 : Southend, UK - Chinnerys [moved here from 03/09/20]

07/08/21 : Bingley, UK - Bradford & Bingley Rugby Football Club for the Bingley Weekender festival [moved here from 05/09/20]



13/08/21 : Brighton, UK - Concorde 2 ~ The Wedding Present and At The Edge Of The Sea proudly present a performance of Take Fountain plus 40 minutes of other music. Plus Peaness. Doors 7PM-10PM.

14/08/21 : Brighton, UK - Concorde 2 ~ At The Edge Of The Sea XII with The Wedding Present [performing Seamonsters, plus other songs in a 70 minute set], The Primitives [50 minute set], Cinerama [40 minute set], Such Small Hands, The Legendary Len Liggins, Follow The Moths, Linda Guilala, Syndromet, West Wickhams, Daniel Searle performing '2048' and Caaw. Doors 3PM-10PM.

Click here for details of At The Edge Of The Sea XII

15/08/21 : Brighton, UK - Komedia ~ Cinerama [stripped back, 3-piece format] play a 45-minute semi-acoustic afternoon set ahead of a screening of the film 'THX 1138' with live soundtrack performed by Matt Clark. Please note that this is not a Wedding Present show and nor is it officially affiliated with At The Edge Of The Sea. Doors 12PM-3:30PM.

Click here for details of THX 1138 with live soundtrack