Terry de Castro


Terry de Castro's long-time collaboration with David Gedge started in 1998 when she joined Cinerama shortly after its inception. It was supposed to be for one concert and a Peel Session, but it turned into twelve years of touring and several albums with both Cinerama and The Wedding Present. When she moved back to her native USA, she continued to commute back and forth until 2010, when she played her last concert as a full time Wedding Present member at the first annual At The Edge Of The Sea festival in Brighton.

She has been living in Los Angeles ever since then but her affiliation with the band continues. She has stood in on a couple of tours and recording sessions and frequently performs at At The Edge Of The Sea. She also co-writes Tales From The Wedding Present - David's "autobiography in comic book form" with David himself, together with Jessica McMillan and artist, Lee Thacker.

In 2019, Terry contributed a track to Not From Where I'm Standing - a compilation of James Bond themes curated by The Wedding Present. Her cover version of 'A View to a Kill' was performed with Paul Hiraga of Seattle band Downpilot and released by Come Play With Me Records for Record Store Day in the UK 2021 on 12 June. The B-side features a cover version of The Wedding Present's 'Spangle', performed with former Wedding Present guitarist, Danielle Wadey.

Terry is also a founding member of 90s British trio Goya Dress.

Scopitones releases:

A Casa Verde [2009]: a collection of 'songs by friends', including two written by David Gedge. Reviewed by the NME here and purchasable here.

You Can't Separate Light [2015]: an EP of original songs by Terry and Dean Frances Hawksley, produced by and featuring Seattle songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Paul Hiraga (Downpilot), New Zealand guitarist Geoff Maddock (Goldenhorse), Shetland-born recording artist Astrid Williamson (Goya Dress) and violinist Melinda Rice. Purchase it here.

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